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“Before you can be someone, you have to know who you are.”

What - Unlock the Potential focuses on people in education.
We help students and staff become more self aware.

Why - We believe that focusing on your strengths, makes you feel more confident, be more productive and develop positive well-being in work.

How – Using a BPS registered assessment for behaviours at work, we run 1:1 sessions and workshops to help people know who they are.

Programme: To Boldly Go

Our student programme focuses on self-awareness and confidence to strengthen current work patterns and brighten future career paths.

Research suggests today’s students will have over 15 jobs, so focusing on their behavioural strengths now will enable students to feel more confident and become more self aware for their future.

Delivered in two forms as a workshop and as a 1:1 coaching session. This programme is adapted to suit the needs of schools and universities.

Programme: High Performing Teams

Management and Leadership teams are more than the sum of their parts.

In an uncertain future, knowing your team is going to be key to driving performance. This programme focuses on understanding the individual strengths of the team and then leveraging these strengths as a group to create the best teams.

Delivered in two forms as a workshop and as a 1:1 coaching session.

Programme: Thrive

Staff wellbeing is key to driving performance in education.

Education is changing and schools who will survive need to make the best of their biggest asset.

Our 7 modular Thrive programme offers interactive workshops which develop the way people perform. We use sport as our driver in illustrating the way our mindset and attitude can drive our performance and happiness.

Delivered in two forms as a workshop and as 1:1 coaching session.

What education says

“My son was reassured and delighted to have the opportunity to sit down and explore his strengths at school. It has given him greater confidence by highlighting his specific behaviours that make him what he is. Nicky has a great rapport with teenagers and was able to connect with my son very well. The programme outcomes felt much more relevant to him than the old careers system which he actually felt was a waste of time”

“Thank you, a thought provoking and interesting afternoon, with a real opportunity for reflection in terms of driving own performance and how to use it to improve that part of the team”

“Excellent – it’s been an opportunity to consider how we can be better and lead our teams better”

“The students were filled with self-awareness, they knew their strengths, they knew how they were unique, and they understood who they were. They have greater confidence”

“The programme gave me such an accurate report – it looks good on my CV and articulates, in words I had not considered, exactly who I am”

“It is good to see a school interested in my child’s strengths rather than solely their exam results”



Nicky Horn has considerable experience – working in business and then as a teacher for 20 years. She has two children in their twenties and plays sport almost every day. In education she recognised the importance of developing each person to help realise their potential.

Staff who are self aware, confident and working to their strengths work with greater passion and conviction. This positively affects their wellbeing.

Students who are self aware are better able to work to their current goals, manage their future beyond education and feel positive.

The business grew from Sport and Beyond, to the education only organisation, Unlock the Potential.

Supporting her are a team of experts from sport, from business, from education.


Offices: Riffa Wood, Leeds LS21 2PT